For quite some time now, we have been researching various methods of presenting site information in a more automated manner. The previous system of manually editing web pages just seemed to slow things down. Using forum software also seemed a little too clunky and prone to getting the attention of spam bots. So, hours and hours of watching things about Word Press and hours of dabbling with the software has led to this post. It will probably take a few days to get this all set up exactly the way we want, so we are leaving the old pages until we feel comfortable using this as our main information distribution system.

We hope you enjoy the new system!


So it’s been over two months since our last developer blog and it’s been relatively quiet overall. I have been working on several projects in this time. Firstly, I’ve been working on my RockBunny app, the user base of which is starting to grow among those who know me in EVE Online and I released to some interest on the official forums. I’ve learned some new tricks there on how to keep Delphi happy when working under the Windows 7 environment. I’ve also finally managed to get it to load the GearBunny source and compile it without throwing exception errors left and right, so I’ve been dissecting that code into modular chunks in preparation for something new. Continue Reading