3 comments on “GearBunny v1.118 Release

  1. Gearbunny is not good for my pc. it freezes my pc for like 5-10sec after each confirm (example. pressing on done after searching for an item)
    i use windows8 and u said u dont have a windows 8 to test on, i understand 🙂

    • Not sure if Windows 8 continued the tradition of allowing a program to be run in compatibility mode for older programs, but if you have that kind of option, set the GearBunnies to compatibility for Windows XP as that’s what the compiler is outputting code for.

  2. An update for anyone else that had that particular issue.

    After giving up for a few weeks, I finally decided to tackle the problem again. And I fixed it!

    I don’t know why or how it fixed it, but it did.

    I simply opened up GearBunnyX as usual, verified that the class lists were still missing a lot of classes… and then exited. Then I started up GearBunny Classic. It stated that it had pointed all GearBunny files to work with Classic, and then opened. Checked the classes in there and noticed all of them showed. Closed Classic, and then opened X again. Voila! All classes are now present and accounted for!

    So at least there is a way to make it work! Good luck all.

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